#JobLoss: I’m Happy to Inform You…

Losing your job is a challenging thing. Taking responsibility for it, may sound a little crazy.


#JobLoss: I’m Sorry to Inform You…

What's your response when you are told your job has been eliminated?

Stop Trick-or-Treating To The Naysayers

I heard the idea from my mentor Paul Martinelli. It has been a few weeks since Halloween but the statement is still valid. Who do you go to for advice? Where do you go for a second opinion? With whom do you share your passions and dreams? Several years ago, I was a professional dream... Continue Reading →

Stop Confusing Improvement With Growth

Sometimes we use incremental improvements as a way to avoid change.

Debates: Are You Adding Value or Defending Your Position?

Recently, I was listening to my mentor Mark Cole, CEO of the John Maxwell Enterprise, comment briefly about the current situation the U.S. of A is experiencing. In reference to the different methods of protest and the controversy surrounding them he said, and I paraphrase, "I have to wonder when people are commenting on these... Continue Reading →

After “Because” Comes An Excuse

"Because" is a very clever way for us to give ourselves permission to do nothing.

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