Our Obsession With Letting The Few Define The Whole

One event is not a significant sample in order to get to know someone.

#ToD – Who Tells You, You Are Doing You Wrong?

How Do I Deal With Failure?

There are questions that I simply need time to think about.

Stop Focusing On The Wrong Problem

This is something I am in the process of learning. For this blog, I'll combine two concepts we already claim to know. The purpose of a goal The law of attraction It can be summarized in these paraphrased statements: The purpose of a goal is to become the individual who can consistently produce the targeted... Continue Reading →

#ToD: How Much Ego Is Enough?

What would you say is enough ego?  

#ToD: One Question To Ask Those Who Refuse To Get In The Trenches

This was a question I promised to answer which came out of the Leadership Symposium I lead every Friday. How would you address this situation?  

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