Hacksaw Ridge: A Testament To The Power Of Intentional Living

This is one of those movies that present something so amazing that it's difficult to believe it was based on historical events. Yes, there is some art in how the story is told but that doesn't change the core facts of the movie. Before I begin, I'd like set aside the religious context of the... Continue Reading →

Long gone are the days where having a weakness meant death. Today, we have the opportunity to think about how we can best serve the world without worrying about surviving. Granted, our mind still thinks we are in the prehistoric era. In a recent meeting with peer leaders I said something similar to we should... Continue Reading →

#ToD – When Confidence Gets In Your Way

Confidence requires a balance. Both extremes are terrible for learning. I have had too much confidence to think I didn't need to read leadership books because I was a practical learner. I couldn't see that books help gain new perspectives. I have had too little confidence to think I couldn't learn how to put my... Continue Reading →

  What a big difference is it not? I find myself waiting for my turn to speak frequently during daily conversations. After all, I still somehow believe I'm supposed to always have a right answer or that people come to me to fix their problems. Becoming a coach has been one of the most fascinating... Continue Reading →

Hidden Figures: Proof of the Impossible

Just finished watching this movie during my flight back home from Spain and I can't help but think about the real life examples of success, persistence, and the unifying power of a single objective. Allow me to share four (4) the messages I noticed. I - I Don't Have To Be A Victim of My... Continue Reading →

#ToD – What Is Your Asking Price?

We have been told we have to play the hand we are dealt. Yet, every successful person knows they can request for a new hand. "Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty." - Napoleon Hill Whatever you have... Continue Reading →

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