The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, a Leadership Perspective 7 of 15

The Law of Design – To Maximize Growth, Develop Strategies

Many companies are big of procedures, strategies, and policies to ensure every employee fits the mold of a results oriented world.  While they are very focused on achieving high profits and low administrative expenses, they forget that behind the fruits of labor the people make it possible.

What’s the point of having strategies for results if we don’t have systems to develop the people behind them?

As leaders, it falls on us to develop systems to aid in the growth of the team.

Here are some of the guidelines for developing systems discussed by John:

  • Effective systems take the Big Picture into Account
    • We talked about this topic before.  Leaders set the vision for the company, the vision will guide the actions of the workforce.  Hence, any development system should move the team closer to that vision.
    • In short, the Big Picture determines the goals for which systems must be developed.
  • Effective systems make use of Priorities
    • Activity does not equal productivity or forward movement.
    • Leaders are in charge of ensuring the team is spending the majority of the time on the most important tasks.
  • Effective systems include Measurements
    • In order to recognize progress, benchmarks must be set.
    • Leaders are responsible to hold people accountable for hitting the goals and benchmarks.
    • If targets are not being met, leaders must figure out what barriers exist and any additional resources needed tog et the team back on track.
  • Effective systems include Consistency
    • Efficiency and effectiveness require repeatable patterns of behavior.  A good system can help all team members to act and produce with similar methodologies.
    • A team is a group of people working towards the same goal.

The whole purpose of systems/strategies is to set a path for people to follow without much thinking effort on their part.  Systems end up building habits, and habits make it simple for people to keep growing and learning while also reaching the goals of the company.

In what ways can strategies help your growth?



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