Dad: Who I am Thanks To You

At 31 years old, for the first time I think about what I am today because of my dad. Science each day finds more reasons for the importance of the role of a father.

My dad in his way of being, the way to reprimand, think and persevere through the hustles of life, taught me many things. Here I share 3 lessons honoring Jaime Ricardo Arroyo Martel.

  • Honesty
    • This is one of my primary values ​​and dearest to me in a person.
    • My father tells the truth in your face like it or not. Although this is not the best way to do things, what I learned was the difference between quality and quantity. The truth has helped me decipher with who should I invest my time and space.
  • Courage
    • Telling the truth takes courage. There aren’t many who dare to speak their mind regardless of the consequences. I saw him lose friends, business deals, and opportunities for staying true to his principles and priorities. At the end of the day, what matters is that oneself is proud of what one does. From my father I learned that courage makes it possible to be yourself.
  • Perseverance
    • There have been few times when I’ve seen him cry despite all the trials he has lived. Friends breaking promises, unfair accusations, loans never paid or indifferent bosses did not seem to affect him.  Every day he got up and went to work to do his best.
    • From my father I learned that life will throw you to the ground but it’s worth getting up and face it again.

I am the son of my father.

These 3 lessons form the core of my growth, character and personality. But the lesson I remember most is “dare to be different”. Hence, I have spent the last 10 years of my life improving the skills I got from my father. Only time will tell how I dared to be different.

To my father, thank you for having the patience and dedication to teach me to achieve personal independence. I can just hope to return the favor someday. I love you and a thousand blessings.

To the readers, I also hope you have the opportunity to have a father figure to whom you can show love and affection.



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