Think Leadership–Tip #4–Promote Your Mistakes Without Regret

If there is something that breaks my trust in a leader is his inability to accept their mistakes. Not because it is an act of cowardice but because of his selfishness. At the time we decided to hide our mistakes we commit great faults:

  • We assume that others do not see our errors and ignore our faults.
  • We can’t improve our skills.
  • Others do the same.
    • Monkey sees, monkey does.
    • If others see us hide our mistakes, they will begin to do the same. Thus, we increase the probability of failure.
  • Confidence evaporates.
    • Hiding our faults is a way of lying to others and ourselves.
    • When they see me lie, others can not be sure about my skills as a leader and worker.

I do not want to imply that we should be proud of what we do wrong but it is better to change the mentality and think that by sharing our mistakes others learn from them.

The upside of sharing the errors:

  • Validation of being human.
    • Accepting our mistakes makes us vulnerable to the view of others. It opens the doors to be part of the team instead of the dictator watching from behind the podium.
  • Opportunities to Improve.
    • Recognizing our faults not only helps us to introspection but also gives others real life cases to learn how to lead.
    • Others can use our experience to analyze their behavior in similar situations.
    • The best learning comes from the things we could not do right the first time.
  • Prevents a Repeat
    • Nobody likes to make the same mistake again.  Much less if the error has high cost implications. Therefore, sharing our experience encourages others to be aware of not making the same mistake.

What other benefits are there to recognize our mistakes?

If you want to learn from my mistakes read about them Part 1 and Part 2.



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