Will You Dare To Make a Difference

When people pass through your life will you make a difference?

When I look back at the experiences that changed my life there seems to always be someone around that chose to invest in me.

  • My father pushed me to play a sport, that’s how I ended with baseball and a chance to play pro-ball.
  • At Church, the priest gave me a chance to lead a youth group, which gave way to a vocation retreat that help me learn about my calling.
  • At work, a select few decided to share their ideas and concepts on management, leadership, and life.  That gave way to me starting this blog, change my thinking, and face my leadership challenge.

What are your life changing events? Who was the catalyst?

In leadership, making a difference = adding value.

So what does adding value mean?

Here are some ways I strive to add value.

  1. Guide them to their answer

    1. I use to be an answer giver until I experienced the power of guidance to find my own.
    2. I deeply value those that help me see my problems differently because they help me while still letting me own the solution.
    3. Experiencing events teaches; receiving answers creates dependence.
  2. Share a different perspective.
    1. I’m bad feedback giver.  I prefer to pose open ended questions that tackle an issue with a different perspective.
      1. What’s your intent by slamming your hands on the table?
      2. Have you noticed using “I don’t disagree” a lot?
      3. There’s a lot of silence in the room after you speak, why do you think that is?
  3. Personalized coaching/mentoring/connecting.
    1. This is what I do best.  Adding value requires individualization.
      1. Does he need direct statements or open ended questions?
      2. Does she need emotional support or time management training?
      3. Hands on or hands off training/managing?
    2. Individualization is a way of showing I care about the person first.
      1. The team member notices the manager giving just enough data and support to get him/her going.  This translates to “My manager gets me”, “He/She cares about me”.

These are some ways I choose to invest in people, what are yours?


2 thoughts on “Will You Dare To Make a Difference

Add yours

  1. I mirror much of what you have laid out above and would add that I try to validate people. Feedback or guidance seems to be received in a more open spirit if the recipient feels you understand them where they are right now. Validating what you know about them, articulating your understanding of their situation/issue/question of the moment – and ensuring and voicing your understanding – leads to an openness in dialogue. “If you know where I am, you know what I’m facing.” Perhaps with that foundation there is a sympatico that builds the trust needed for conversations that help you grow.

    1. You have just described the way you approach connecting with others and seeking to understand. As they say “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

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