We are Off to See The Wizard

In a team performance review meeting someone used the phrase “Tool X is the Wizard, This team is OZ.

Have you ever felt that some project, tool, or process rules your entire department? What if that tool or process is so complex that if feels like magic comes out of if? Some like to describe this as “the black box”.

Focus is great but when it prevents understanding and learning, there’s a problem.

The wizard statement has very revealing insights about the status of the team.

The Wizard has dominion over OZ
When a tool or process is the center of attention it means the customer is forgotten.  The team rushes to fix issues, add more gadgets, review the results, and repeat.  Along the way they forget there’s a bigger picture and many other pieces to the puzzle.  In the end, the team is left with a complex thing that no one clearly understands and a bunch of other task that need to get done to meet customer needs.

The Wizard Knows All
Everyone focusing on fixing something in this process/tool leaves knowledge in silos.  Its a situation in which only the process/tool itself knows what’s going on.  If the team doesn’t completely and clearly comprehends what the process/tool is doing and was meant to do, there’s no point in having 100% accuracy because no one knows how to use it properly.

OZ is the Wizards playground
We all want to do meaningful things.  When we are at the mercy of a process, our purpose is no longer clear.  We lose creativity, motivation, and control over our goals.  We become victims of our own creations.

This was a very short statement with a profound description of the team’s status.  What do you think?


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