Leadership Secret–See The Future


(Picture taken from Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller’s book The Secret – What Great Leaders Know and Do)

In the book “The Secret – What Great Leaders Know and Do”, Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller compare leadership to an iceberg.  Leadership can be split in two: above water (skills) and below water (Character).  This book tackles what’s above the water; what great leaders do.

So what is this leadership secret? Great leaders:

Let’s discuss #1 – See The Future

I have discussed vision before so this shouldn’t be a big surprise.  Thus we’ll make this brief.

  • Do you have a vision for your team? Tell me all the details.
  • What are you doing to communicate this vision to your team? Could they explain it to me?
  • A vision statement alone won’t get you there.  What behaviors and values are you modeling for your team? A vision is like a compass, it points to a destination but someone still needs to row.
  • How passionate are you about this vision? Can your team feel your enthusiasm?

It’s been said that seeing the future is one leadership responsibility that cannot be delegated. It can be shared, but it’s the leader’s job to make time today to ensure that there is a tomorrow.

In what ways do you make your vision clear? Which methods have worked for you?



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