Leadership Secret-Engage and Develop Others

In the book “The Secret – What Great Leaders Know and Do”, Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller compare leadership to an iceberg.  Leadership can be split in two: above water (skills) and below water (Character).  This book tackles what’s above the water; what great leaders do.

So what is this leadership secret? Great leaders:

Today is about #2 – Engage and Develop Others

Engagement.  I’ll try an example.  When I think about my favorite activities they all have some personal behaviors in common:

  • Mistakes and all, I’m always look for more chances to do them.
  • I’m enthusiastic about doing them.
  • I’m mentally, physically and emotional vested.
  • I share my opinion regularly.
  • I always looking for ways to make it better.
  • I do whatever it takes to make it right.

Think about those activities.  How does it make you feel? How much time would you put into them? Now, find ways to make your team feel the same way about their work assignments.

Development.  This goes beyond skills.  Developing people is about helping them find their strengths and learn the behaviors that will make them successful regardless of a job description.  To use the old cliché, developing is about teaching people how to fish.

Do we really expect to give a newbie a fishing rod and some bait and have them catch several pounds of fish? Do we expect a kid to pick up a bat and start hitting home runs immediately? So, what makes us think our team members will become leaders and high performers on their own?

It’s our role as leaders to guide our staff on their growth journey.  It’s about improving behaviors and mental acuity rather than skills and processes.

How do you engage and develop others?




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