Leadership Secret – Value Results and Relationships

So what is this leadership secret? Great leaders:

#4 Value Results and Relationships

I compare Results and Relationships to the balance between care and candor.  We can have an either/or approach but we can achieve so much more with a both/and approach.  I’ll borrow from John Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership book.

  • Care without candor creates dysfunctional relationships.
  • Candor without care creates distant relationships.
  •  Care balanced with Candor creates developing relationships.
    • Caring Values the Person while candor Values the Person’s Potential
    • Caring Establishes the Relationships while candor Expands the Relationship
    • Caring Defines the Relationship while Candor Directs the Relationship
    • Caring Should Never Suppress Candor, while candor Should Never Displace Caring

Now read it again and replace Care with Relationships, Candor with Results, Relationships with Team.

I can think of leaders that fall into each of the three categories: results, relationships, both.

Results Only

These leaders are very capable high achievers that always deliver what they promise.  Their blind spot is their success at the expense of relationships.  Their sole focus is delivery of a product.

Relationships Only

These leaders are at the other end of the spectrum.  Their focus is to make everyone feel like part of the family.  Their blind spot is happiness at the expense of delivery.  Their sole focus make work the place to hang out.

Results and Relationships

These leaders know when and how to bring up sensitive issues.  They look for ways to deliver while respecting the needs of the individuals doing the work.  They find a way to negotiate the boundaries between achieving and making work fun.  Their focus is to make relationships and results partners of equal value.

Can you think of leaders you know that fall in each of these categories? How would your work be different if you worked under each of them?

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