5 Reasons Why Leadership Is Not For Me

While leading can be fun, there are some aspects of it that sometimes make me think I should just quit.  After all, who’s going to notice?

#1 – People

While I can’t make the world a better place without them, people are finicky.  Some days they are receptive and others they can simply be a pain in the rear.  The worry and energy spent trying to figure out what makes people tick can be too much of an investment.  Hence, some days I just don’t want to deal with it.

#2 – Sacrifice

Maxwell’s Law of Sacrifice states a leader must give up to go up.  As soon as someone starts leading whether with a position or an informal group of people, there are sacrifices made.  Preparation, research, meetings, coaching, developing, equipping, and many other activities will take time away from personal hobbies.  Every now and then, it would be nice for someone to take care of me.

#3 – Bureaucracy

As a leader, there’s always going to be some type of political struggle present.  My biggest pet peeve is “political correctness”.  It takes too much effort and energy, and I still get it wrong too often.  Sometimes I just wish people could handle the truth and stop hiding behind the political correctness mantra.

#4 – The Spotlight

While I like being recognize for a job well done, I have never liked being at the front.  There are too many chances for saying the wrong thing or acting the wrong way.  There are too many possibilities for criticism, disapproval, and misunderstandings.  Sometimes I just need sit at the back and just chill.

#5 – It Never Ends

I can’t give what I don’t have.  I can only help someone when I know enough about the subject or have the experience to show them the way.  That requires me to constantly keep evolving and learning new things.  The moment I stop is the moment that someone else will take over.  No, it is not about keeping everyone below, rather, it is about keeping up with the times.  Some days, I just want to chill, be a couch potato, and let someone else lead.

These are my current top 5 reason why I would like to quit leading.  What are yours?




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