My Mom Teaches Me

A few months ago I wrote about the lessons I learned from my father. Today , in honor of Mother’s Day in Panama (December 8) , I share 3 things Dalys Yap Arroyo has taught me .

One at a Time
It is her custom to say: “when I have many problems, I put them all in a box, and I take them one by one…when I can’t solve it, I put it back in the box and try later.”

It took many years and a physical and emotional breakdown to understand the lesson.

To put all problems in a box and take them out one at a time does not mean ignoring them but taking decision to focus our energy on one problem at a time.

The box is a way to archive problems. Freeing the brain from the stress of having to remember everything. When the time is appropriate, a slip from the box is picked and worked on.

Give Time to Time
My mother, being a very patient person, liked to use this phrase.

Life brings with it many things but not all come at the right time.

Give time to time is a matter of patience and maturity. It is the way in which wisdom is gained.

When life gave me the opportunity to play professional baseball, I was not ready. At that time, baseball was more stress than fun. I thought I was not good enough, I needed a lot of work, and I would lose study time. I opted to pass up the opportunity.

Years later I realized that my worries were in vain and that the opportunity of the experience was worth more than the contract money or loss of time university studies. Today I understand that life is only one and we have to take full advantage of it.

Although not a happy ending, my point is that it is often necessary to stop and let life catch up with us. Some problems just need more time to resolve.

Putting People First
The first thing my mother says when she sees you is: “Hi (insert name), How are you? Your Family? Your job?” Always remembering your name .

My mother is always looking to make friends before business. And this attitude has become part of me.

This way of thinking is what has given me the opportunity to be a leader that is part of the pack.

Being one of the group has helped me detect when a team member is not comfortable with decisions made, delegated projects or personal problems that may be affecting job performance.

In the end, the success I’ve had in leading others is thanks to seeing my mother show me what it means to putt people first.

A thousand kisses to my mother for what she has given me and congratulations to all mothers in their day.

What lessons have you learned from your mother?



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