5 Reasons Why I Choose To Lead

I wrote about my dislikes with leadership.  Here are my likes.

#1 – People

People make leadership interesting.  Their emotional nature makes achieving greatness challenging and unique.  Figuring out what motivates people, their passions, strengths, and weaknesses are some of the tasks I enjoy the most about leading.

I choose to lead because people challenge me to be better.

#2 – Making a Difference

At the end of the day, I want to say I made a difference in someone’s life. It can span from a genuine “how are you doing” to helping them with a major project.  There’s no major event or fireworks; just acts of service.

I choose to lead because making a difference is all about helping others.

#3 – Learning

I have always loved to expand my knowledge.  Sometimes I find myself reading about topics I don’t like just because I feel the need to learn something new.  Lately, I have focused on learning about my leadership tendencies, the concepts that come naturally to me, and my weaknesses.

I choose to lead because providing guidance and developing people requires me to learn more.

#4 – Mistakes

I have grown the most out of mistakes.  They help me figure out what I do best, what needs work, and what needs to stop.  They keep me humble.  And they help me realize my way is not the only way.

I choose to lead because mistakes are the fuel for wisdom.

#5 – Forging Culture

I find myself excited, passionate, and engaged any time this topic comes up.  Culture drives behavior and what better way to make a difference than forging a leadership culture.  A culture can be the legacy of the leader and a measurement of his/her effectiveness.

I choose to lead because I want to be judged by the quality of the culture I leave behind.

What are your reason for choosing to lead?




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