I Have Nothing Important To Say

How many times have you kept quiet because you think everyone else already knows what you have to say?

I have kept quiet due to:

  • being new in the department or team.
  • “important” people are present in the meeting.
  • my idea is just common sense.
  • not wanting to look like fool.

Here are some reasons to consider sharing your ideas, doubts and experiences anyway.

We all have an Audience.  The way we express our thoughts and lessons connects better with certain people.  Just like our favorite version of a song, we never know when our story can impact someone’s life.

Others Are Thinking The Same Thing. I laugh internally every time I ask the obvious and 2 or more people start nodding in agreement and relief.  What’s better to leave the room without an answer, or to risk being a fool and have everyone on the same page?

The Higher Ups Are Also Human. Due to their role, important people aren’t experts of front line operations.  Hence, our “silly” questions can help us understand their perspective and help them relate to our world.

Fresh Eyes Innovate. Have you ever struggled with a problem for days to then have one of your peers take 10 minutes and give you a solution so simple you couldn’t understand how you missed it? This is what fresh eyes can do for an organization.  Being a newbie creates the opportunity to solve problems from a different angle.

In short, we have nothing to lose by asking or stating the obvious; at worst we break even.  We either gain more knowledge and influence or we stay the same.

What are your reasons for thinking you have nothing important to say?





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