A Decision is Okay But I Prefer Commitment to Action

We can all understand that deciding and doing are not the same thing.  We also value more the doing than the decision.  Sure a decision can be pleasing or annoying but what counts the most is if there’s any action to support it.  Hence the old saying “you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?”

We have all heard the empty promises.
  • I’ll try it.
  • Let me see what I can do.
  • I’ll do it ASAP.
  • I’ll have someone do that for you.
  • Seems like reasonable ask.

None of these statements give any indication of future action, we just assume something is going to get done.

Some reasons why I would use the above statements?

  • Too busy to care about topic.
  • My opinion was ignored or not requested.
  • Don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or damage my reputation.
  • I’m trying to leave myself an opening in case I can’t do it.

A commitment is more like a promise.  It’s a contract stating I will invest my time and energy to make it happen.  It carries a sense of personal honor and responsibility.

Questions I ask before committing?

  • Do I like the activity/request/event?
  • Is it important to me?
  • Does it play to my strengths?
  • Am I willing to invest the time and energy to make it happen?

These questions help me find alignment between personal interests and the request.  I am more likely to deliver on something that’s congruent with my passions and beliefs.

On the contrary, I have also noticed that whenever I compromise and agree to do something I wasn’t willing to invest energy in, I end up stressed, angry, and tired regardless of the outcome.  Which in turn diminishes my capacity to lead.

In the words of Yoda “Do or Do Not…there’s no try”.

What helps you fully commit to an idea/request/initiative?




What is your experience with this concept?

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