H.U.R.T.S. – Value #1 – Inspire Health

I’ll start with a question: Is this your picture of health?

  • 5-6 hours of meetings daily.
  • Expected to check e-mail 24/7 and reply immediately.
  • Bosses calling people on holidays or vacations for work items.
  • Breaks are strictly monitored (except smoke breaks, those seem acceptable anytime)
  • Sporadic conversations about personal goals and objectives.
  • Results are valued more than people.
  • Ambiguous role requirements and expectations.

I’m not sure about you but, to me, this environment is far away from healthy. But what does “inspire health” mean?

Personally, I see two parts.

  • Inspire
    • It’s being a role model.
      • I give behavioral testimony to a specific idea that motivates others to do the same.
    • It’s maintaining hope.
      • Thanks to my example, others start believing in a better tomorrow.
  • Health
    • It’s physical and emotional.
      • A strong body with uncontrolled emotions is unstable; controlled emotions with a weak body, can’t produce.
    • It’s following passions, dreams, and purpose.
      • Doing what we are meant to do brings happiness.
    • Ultimately, “Inspire Health” is using our actions to motivate others to pursue well-being.

Ideas to Inspire Health

  • Manage things not people.
    • People hate to be managed but love to control their future.
    • Provide guidance and deadlines but allow them to decide how to get it done.
  • Allow time to think.
    • Creativity and problem solving need time to simmer, avoid interrupting people with meetings and flybys.
  • Show them what they are worth.
    • Connect their work to the company’s vision and purpose.  People like to know they are making a difference.
  • Build a relationship not transactions.
    • Transactions end as soon as the trade happens.  Great relationships have no expiration.
    • The Law of Connection: leaders touch the heart before they ask for a hand.

At the end of the day, “Inspire Health” is an action not a speech.  Pretty words don’t last long.  But behaviors, through repetition, can change the world. What are you doing today to inspire health?




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