Thriving Together: Band of Brothers

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother…” – Shakespeare’s, Henry V

If you have seen the HBO series or read the book by Stephen E. Ambrose, the story of Easy Company gives testimony to what it means to thrive together.

This parachute infantry regiment was one of the best in the world not only because of their training but because they understood the value of functioning as a unit.

There are 3 Laws of Teamwork I find critical when thriving together.

Law of Mt. Everest

As the challenge escalates, the need for teamwork elevates.  Great teams find a way to stick together when chaos comes knocking.  When E. Company had to run 3 miles up and 3 down Mt. Currahee at any time of day, they found a way to stick together through song and chanting.  They understood that in order to beat the madness they had to move as one.


The Law of Countability

Teammates must be able to count on each other when it counts. I have to laugh every time I see managers claiming to be team players but start second guessing every teammate’s actions and decisions for the sake of “reasonableness check”.  Great teams learn to depend on one another’s skills set.

The Law of the Price Tag

The team fails to reach its potential when it fails to pay the price. Thriving together comes at a cost: selflessness. A great team is a group of individuals that choose to put their personal egos aside for the benefit of the whole.  It is a big price to pay to place self-preservation secondary to the team’s success; especially, when major breakdowns are happening and the pressure is on.

Thriving together is about creating a sense of unity so strong that makes the team unstoppable.

“I can do things that you cannot. You can do thing that I cannot. Together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa



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