Pioneer Simplicity: Less Is Always More

“Business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simply behavior is more effective” – Warren Buffett

Keeping life simple has always been a challenge. As an introvert I tend to overanalyze things. Hence, I end up creating more stress for myself and others.

More features or bigger formulas don’t necessarily create a better experience; focused simplicity, does.

Here are my lessons on less is always better.

Less statements = more empowerment
In the last 6 months I have challenged myself to increase my questions to statements ratio. To me surprise, I found the less I said, the less work I had to do and the more others participated in the solution.

Questions allow others to own their projects and share their perspective.  The more they own, the more learning, and the higher the bench strength of the team.

Less inclusive = more focus
My passion for serving others drives me to complicate many projects with to goal of address everyone’s needs.  This approach has created a lot of variation and distraction.  Pioneering simplicity is about maintaining focus on the prize by exclusively addressing the core needs and postponing “the nice to have”.

Less customary = more purposeful
Just because there’s an opportunity doesn’t mean I need to get involved. I like to help others develop but I can’t help everyone.  Like anyone else, I’m limited to 24 hours day.

By giving purpose to how and when I use my energy, I’ve been able to increase my effectiveness in developing people.

Simplicity is a courageous response to do less.

“Pare down to the essential but don’t remove the poetry; keep things clean and unencumbered but don’t sterilize.” – Leonard Cohen (Wabi Sabi book)



What is your experience with this concept?

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