I’m Letting Busyness Rule

This is more of a self-reprimand than a lesson.

Today I had the opportunity to see the same important items on my to-do list for the third week in a row with zero progress:

  • Officially communicate the vision of the team,
  • Offer our team’s consulting services to our peers,
  • Setup goals for 2014.

All this leadership talk and nothing to show for.

So here three things I noticed and beg you to avoid doing.

Leave The Important For Last
Lately, I have left personal development, strategic planning, and team development as secondary. I’ve been approaching my leader responsibilities with the “I’ll work out tomorrow” attitude.  Tomorrow comes, and the negative cycle begins.

As Mark Miller would say “It’s time to respond with courage.” Work is always going to be there but the team’s engagement quickly dissipates.  When it comes to setting the course for the team, there’s no time to waste.

Letting Dates Rule Everything
I have been letting meetings, milestones, and project plans rule my life for the past 2 months. All I have gotten in return is more tasks, stress, lack of sleep, weight gain, and burnout. I’m at the point were I dread turning on the computer.

Work loses meaning if it’s only about deadlines and plans.

The Law of The Picture states “People do what people see”. The less I exemplify the concepts of leading, the less likely people will take them seriously.

Unfortunately, this last few months, I haven’t been a good leadership steward.  I have people waiting for more meaningful work, not wanting to bother because “I’m busy”, and coming up with their own plans because I’m not available to provide guidance. While I might be producing a lot on my own, I’m limiting my team’s performance by letting them fend for themselves.

Today I think I’m crossing the finish line alone.  Today, I need to find my way back to the middle of the pack.




What is your experience with this concept?

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