I Have No Future Here

I uttered these words not too long ago while crying in frustration. Definitely not a good thing to say in front of others, let alone some of your leaders.

At the time, I believed it. I still do every now and then. But I have a different attitude and perspective.

Back then, I was disappointed with myself and others. I perceived myself as dismissed and unappreciated. Today, I just don’t care whether I do or don’t have a future here.

Here’s why.

The Power of Choice
After some reflection, and being the stubborn person I am, I decided that if I didn’t see a future here, I would have to simply create it or go out swinging.

You can choose to see the curse or the gift. And this one choice will determine if your life is a success story or one big soap opera.” – Richard Bach

At the end of the day, I could choose to be a victim of my circumstances, feel sorry for myself, blame others, or take ownership for my actions and build a better version of me.

I can’t control what others think of me, when I get promoted/demoted, or if I’ll get a different job. But I can choose to control my emotions, gain knowledge and skills, prioritize my schedule, allocate my energy, and invest the time to build relationships.

Life was never meant to be fair, it was meant to be lived. And I can choose how to live it.

My journey is not over, it’s just starting; because every day I get, is a chance to build a better future.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind not with it.” – Henry Ford

What’s preventing you from taking control of your future?





2 thoughts on “I Have No Future Here

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  1. I have recently gone through mental challenge myself. And, while I could not articulate my thoughts as eloquently as has been done here, I ultimately came to the same revolation. Each of us has to make things happen, as the majority of us are not going to have what we want simply fall into our laps.
    Great share!

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