In Memoriam: Recalling What Matters Most To Me

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Just a few days ago I had the opportunity to see this lovely companion take the road to heaven. It was a dramatic experience that served as a reminder of how painful it is to lose someone you care for, and of what I value the most in life.

A pet doesn’t compare to a human life but it sure feels like it, and in some cases, pets can be better.

The past few months have been frustrating and challenging at work. Some people don’t even remember how to use the words “thank you”. It definitely started to feel like a “have to” type of environment. But I have to thank Peppers for the following amazing reminders:

Simple is Powerful
Like any other dog, Peppers had just a handful of actions: eat, sleep, play, wag tail, lick face, repeat.

With this simple cycle I learned the power of simplicity. It was easy to smile, to forget all frustrations, relax, and remember how good it feels to be happy.

It doesn’t take much to make someone else feel special.

Always Be Present
Dogs seem to always be focus on the present. Whatever happened 2 seconds ago doesn’t matter, and whatever is happening next is not worth thinking about. In this fashion, dogs are able to experience every moment to the maximum. One thing, full attention, complete experience.

Loves Always Comes First
This life event reminded me that nothing is more important than spending time with those I care about. Any problems I had lost all meaning and value as soon as I saw my wife’s broken spirit.

I remembered that what makes life amazing is sharing experiences with those I love.

This event is my reminder that leadership is simple, always present, and it’s all about loving people.




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  1. Today I celebrate Peppers’ life and the tremendous love and learning you received from Peppers. I mourn your loss and yet find joy in the lessons you share. You are spot on that it doesn’t take much to make someone else feel special, and yet that effort is so easily neglected. Thank you for this powerful post – especially at a time when your heart is so full. Join me everyone – let’s have a Second Line for Peppers today.

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