Thank Yous Are Rare These Days

The past few months I’ve done tasks that I don’t think were part of my job description. I’ve also taken more responsibility than I think appropriate. And in the process, I’ve observed and experienced very little gratitude. How would you feel about this?

I’m sure you are in the same boat. You have certainly complained about how much you did for others and only received complaints or more requests in exchange. You have experienced how some think they are entitled to the fruit of your labor. After all, it’s your job!

I’m here to share 3 lessons I’ve learned the last 6 months about gratitude.

I Take Others For Granted
I’m biased to think Thanks must be earned. It’s a reward for a person going above and beyond their duty. In this mentality, I have lost many opportunities to improve relationships, and recognize other’s achievements.


It Opens Other Doors
I can get more done through those I have been grateful to. It’s a fact of life that people help those who are nice to them. The more genuine gratitude given, the easier it is to get stuff done.

Cherish The Moment
Since they are rare, it’s okay to let the moment sink in and realize the efforts were worth it.

Don’t Expect Them
I have learned to accept that I chose to take the extra responsibility. I chose to help others outside my circle of influence. I chose to serve instead of protect my interests. In this context, all I need to know is I did my best and that the “thanks” I may receive are simply icing on the cake.

What prevents you from thanking others for their work?




2 thoughts on “Thank Yous Are Rare These Days

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  1. Excellent observations. When I was much younger I worked for a Japanese bank and was on a special project for 3 months. It required 12-18 hour days that were relentless and greatly impacted my personal life. The project was more than a success it was triumphed throughout the company. My boss never said a word. I was really angry about it and finally approached him and asked him why he didn’t thank me. His response… he looked at me with mild confusion and said “I pay you to do your job, why would I thank you?” While I was younger and less mature and his response was like a slap in my face at the time… now, however, with time and more experience I realize it was perhaps one of the more valuable lessons learned in my professional life. Do your job well – don’t expect anyone to acknowledge it – enjoy it when they do.

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