It’s Good To Be The King

This past week I had a personal encounter with an old friend: negativity. After 51 hours in the office in a 60+ hour span, I got a chance to learn a lot about myself through others.

Too many reminders show people don’t trust me
It’s easy to think what I say it’s easy to do when I’m sitting on the throne. I had the opportunity of having a handful of people constantly remind me something needed to be done. The more reminders, the more angry I got.

The anger came from me thinking others were questioning my integrity and my understanding of the importance of the job. If I’m thinking this way, I’m pretty sure others think the same when I’m constantly checking on them.

Knight in Shining Armor

The same group of people started offering help at the last minute, with the hopes of getting stuff done faster. Unfortunately, more resources don’t fix everything.

To me, this was too little too late.

Some lessons I got from this:

  • I should have asked for specific help 3 weeks ago when I noticed some people weren’t following through with commitments.
  • I shouldn’t be offering to save the day just because time ran out and stuff is not done.
  • I need to step off my throne.
    • It’s easy to call the shots and ask people to do things at will when I’m not directly involved in the daily grind.

Attitude is the Real King
What pains me the most about the whole ordeal is how quickly people forget to address the individual as human instead of an object. I am not a door knob, a cog, or a tool.

Maintaining a servant mindset is challenging but I can say that I give more of me to a job when the person leading me actually puts me first before the task at hand.

In other words, I’m re-committing myself to ask the people questions first and the work ones later.





What is your experience with this concept?

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