Are you Swimming, Floating or Sinking?

I’m not a swimming connoisseur but I can relate to the analogy. In terms of success at the workplace I can see three types of people: swimmers, sinkers, and floaters.

  • Sinkers
    • Like to be told what to do,
    • Need step by step instructions,
    • Don’t think for themselves,
    • They want the fish without having to work for it.
  • Floaters
    • Have an attitude of indifference,
    • Lay low and produce just enough so that no one either complains or highlights them
    • They simply clock in and clock out day after day.
    • Like a raft floating on the sea they do the bare minimum in order to survive and the current dictates were they go.
  • Swimmers
    • Are learners at heart,
    • Seek to understand then to be understood,
    • Are proactive in giving solutions to problems.
    • Think first, act later.
    • Adapt to change.
    • Understand relationships matter more than tasks.
    • Battle the waves and define their own path.

It’s very likely that all of us think we are swimmers. Unfortunately, I have to accept that I go through the three categories at certain points in life. I sink when I let meetings get in the way of developing my team or working on tasks that only I can do. I float when I show up to a meeting and keep quiet because I don’t want to get involved. I swim whenever I choose to define the vision for my team and address the needs of my customers.

Which one are you?

I believe we can all be swimmers but we aren’t meant to swim towards the same place or even the same ocean. If you find yourself being a floater or sinker, it is time to evaluate your priorities.   Español


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