No Blogs for 2 Weeks, Did You Miss Me?

Very few noticed, and probably, a smaller number of people cared enough to wonder why I stopped blogging a couple weeks. Regardless, I learned a few things from my break.

If It Feels Like Chore, Something is Wrong

I was losing sleep and forcing myself to write something every Friday. I had this idea that “I was important” and someone was waiting for what I had to say. I simply lost sight of my purpose for writing: to share my experience so that someone else can learn from my mistakes.

Feedback is the Strongest Motivator

I have to admit that even though I’m not blogging for fame and glory, it can be depressing to receive no feedback. Silence is worse than criticism. At least with the latter, I know something needs fixing.

The magic of feedback is that it helps us with our need to belong. When we are part of something, we start believing we can make a difference, leave a legacy, or be the help someone else needs.

To those that read and share, thank you for helping me grow. To the rest, what am I missing?

I’m Still Learning to Focus

Like many out there, I let busyness get in the way one more time. I used to think and write daily. Nowadays, I’m doing it last minute.  I have confused activity with progress.

“Often it isn’t the mountains ahead that wears you out, it’s the little pebble in your shoe.” – Muhammad Ali

Losing focus on our purpose is not something that happens by surprise. It’s a process that starts with getting distracted by the pebbles of life.




10 thoughts on “No Blogs for 2 Weeks, Did You Miss Me?

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  1. Keep the blogs coming, although they are short and sweet, they consistently deliver a thought-provoking message. Great quote from Muhammed Ali this week, thank you!

  2. I will be honest Juan I have been out of the office much of the month of July with 2 family members that needed my attention so I really haven’t paid attention to what has come in my mailbox other than those items in my caseload that needed my attention as well. I did however, enjoy this post and it made me think about my own motivations for doing things, or for not doing things. You are right, we all let the crazyiness of life get in the way of our goals. Right now, I am trying to figure out how to balance what my “life” demands of me and what I should be demanding of myself to reach my personal goals. I can tell you I have placed myself on the bottom of the list. I hope you will continue to blog as you see appropriate for yourself and your goals. You are reaching us. Thank you.

    1. I have been here at different levels of seriousness. And in a little unorthodox way, I have discovered that whatever bad things we think will happen if we stop doing certain things can’t compare to the fulfillment of taking a step towards our goals, values, and beliefs.

  3. I love your blogs. I share them with my team all the time. I just shared your message “Why I Passed On A Pro-Baseball Contract” with my team this week! it went perfectly with an Eleanor Roosevelt quote- “Do one thing every day that scares you” that I picked up from the Women’s NRG presentation this week. My team and I really enjoy your blogs. We all get busy, but I always take time to read your blogs when they come out. I have learned a lot. Please keep it up.

    1. Good to know the lessons are being shared.

      We like to rationalize that work is more important than learning to lead. And took me to get demoted in order to see the advantage of making time to think, reflect, and grow in leadership concepts.

      Keep on trucking

  4. I noticed and missed your posts – even checked my deleted folder to see if something happened inadvertantly. I say this with the hope that I do not put the kind of pressure on you that feeds into the thought that this can be a chore. My need for learning and growth is as incessant as food and water and I appreciate your candor. I have shared your thoughts and musings on several occasions. Your blog on our values and the creation of the acronym “HURTS” – is exactly the tool I needed to be able to articulate them at a moment’s notice – and know I have all of them correct. My manager loves HURTS too… and always says “when we don’t apply our values, it HURTS us in ways we cannot predict”. Your reach may be broader than you anticipate or understand, so please keep on musing out loud. If weekly is too much – I promise to be patient for your next post. Thank you for sharing your learning and personal journey.

  5. I find your blogs interesting and insightful. You are not afraid to speak your mind and that is refreshing.

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