My First Job Was About Discovery Not Success

Personally, I just wanted to find a job after graduation so I could learn what actuaries did.

I had hopes and dreams of doing great things. But as time passed, I discovered the job was more of a doorway to unexpected lessons.

Here are some of the insights I ran into:

Getting Stuff Done Is About Relationships
Knowing what to do didn’t matter because implementing it required me to get people on the bus.

What I Studied Is Not My Passion
The job was fun but what was truly exciting and engaging was being able to discuss ideas with others and understanding the big picture of the business.

Is Not The Job But The Attitude
For a long time I liked to play the victim role and blame everyone and everything for my frustrations. I wanted to change people and the way everything was done. It took several years for me to understand that the only thing I can control is how I respond to my surroundings, and responding appropriately is attitude.

My first job didn’t turn out to be ideal. It was just the first step in the discovery of a purpose. I started as an actuary and I ended up with a passion for connecting the dots, building relationships, developing people, and a dream of becoming a developer of leaders.

What role did your first job play in taking you where you are today?




What is your experience with this concept?

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