The Vision, Purpose, and Guiding Principles Circuit

Our leadership team has been discussing vision, purpose, and guiding principles the past couple of months and I thought I would share how I see these concepts fitting together.

For this example, I’ll attempt to adapt Simon Sinek’s “golden circle” concept:

Whyto be the one stop shop for our business partners. (vision)

How: flexible, personalized, simple, and ondemand professional development and analytical support. (principles)

What: actionable guidance to ensure the success of Humana’s Medicare business. (purpose)

The vision sets the tone for the entire operation, a picture of the future, the compass setting the course.

The purpose makes the vision tangible. It’s through actionable guidance that we become the one stop shop for our business partners.

The guiding principles are the goals for the day to day operations. They make the vision and purpose specific to each team in the organization. These allow each individual to focus on activities they can control and help make the purpose and vision a reality.

If I may express it in story form it will sound like this: I believe with flexible, personalized, simple, and on-demand professional development and analytical support we can increase the capacity and performance of our workforce. In return, we help them provide better guidance in addressing our customer’s needs, which builds trust with our customers that keeps them coming back for more guidance that can extend beyond the regular business topics. Thus, the one stop shop becomes a reality.

The beauty of this process is in its simplicity. Leaders that commit to implementing these 3 concepts not only give the team a toolkit to prioritize work but also gets everyone rowing in the same direction.

…there are many voices of counsel, but few voices of vision; there is much excitement and feverish activity, but little concert of thoughtful purpose. We are distressed by our ungoverned, undirected energies and do many things, but nothing long. It is our duty to find ourselves.” – Woodrow Wilson



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