I’ve Had This Feeling Before

It comes from not knowing what’s coming, not having the right answers, being out of the comfort zone, and the ambiguity of it all.

It’s fear. The overwhelming sensation of not achieving success.

I have recently joined the John Maxwell Team Certification program.

It’s like going back to school. A large monetary investment to join the program. Hundreds of hours of material, orientation calls, training calls, and homework. At the end of it, is the pressure of having to represent a brand and embody the values of proper leadership coaching, teaching, training, and speaking.

I’m freaking out. Did I waste money? Is the program for me? Can I be good at it? Do I even have the time?

Two reflections about this ordeal.

#1 – Pain Comes Before Growth Happens.
Growth doesn’t just happen by doing the same things over and over. Yes, we get faster but that doesn’t mean we are growing. Growth is more than speed; it’s about expanding, reinvention, and transformation. This can only come from change; and change, causes pain (emotional and physical) and discomfort.

#2 – It’s What I Do In Spite Of Fear
Fear is natural. Acting and growing is optional.

My thoughts are best summarized in the following quotes:
  • Just because you are afraid to do something doesn’t mean it is a bad idea or the wrong thing to do.  Stop letting how you feel dictate your strategy. – Dr. Henry Cloud
  • Don’t fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail. ~Bruce Lee
  • Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success. -Denis Waitley

Fear what I may, I know there’s no gain without risk, no growth without change, no glory without the guts.

Only time will tell where this door is taking me but I plan to come out the other side a better version of me.

What are your fears today? How long has it been since you been over your head? Who’s pushing you to become a better you?



4 thoughts on “I’ve Had This Feeling Before

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  1. Are you defining your personal growth in terms of professional development? Or is this about improving your overall self by improving the professional part of it? Or is leadership important to all aspects of you? Do you even think about this stuff in these compartmentalized terms?

    1. Loaded question. I’ll take it in stride.

      The blog was more about dealing with the discomfort of growing or trying something new. It’s about dealing with the uncomfortable. The certification program was just the catalyst for the reflection.

      To me growth is all encompassing. From personal to professional. I didn’t join the program to improve my professional career. I joined because I wanted to be better in life and because it’s time for me to grow beyond my environment.

      I have come to realize that trying to compartmentalize personal, professional, leadership, hobbies, etc. makes no sense. We carry our emotions, passions, and dreams wherever we go. It is dumb to think we can separate the two.

      To me, if I become better in my personal leadership, that will have a direct impact on everything else I do. It’s important to keep in mind that “leadership” is not for professionals or titles, it is about behaviors that help us and others reach our potential.

      Today I know, that my work skills aren’t as transferable as my leadership ability and my capacity to impact others’ life.

What is your experience with this concept?

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