Have You Told Them? They Changed Your Life!

I’ve thought about this question before but I can never seem to take action. This post is not about feedback but validation.

If you have the 6 minutes to invest in yourself, watch the video below and then keep reading this post. Else, feel free to just read.

As I continue this journey I have to admit that I wrestle with the thought that nobody is reading. The comment are rare the feedback is limited. Who am I writing for? Am I making a difference. 

I know in my heart there are people reading and sharing. I believe I’m making an impact, yet why do I keep wondering if someone actually cares?

And then it hits me, am I not doing the same thing?

There are people in my life that, in just a moment or a lifetime, have changed my life in significant ways. There are people that have challenged me to be better. There are those that, unknowingly, have taught me what not to do. The greatest lessons in my life have come from the experiences of others. How about you?

The video above says it better than I. We have made leadership something reserved for “great” men and women, when in reality, it is all about tiny moments of significance.

Hence, I ask you again: Who has changed your life and when are you going to let them know?

With this post, I’m committing myself to be more intentional about letting others know when they are making a difference in my life. Yes, it’s going to be awkward at first but I think I can get used to it.

It is time to break the habit of receiving and replace it with the gift of validation.

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” – Albert Schweitzer, Missionary doctor




8 thoughts on “Have You Told Them? They Changed Your Life!

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  1. Juan, I do read and think about the messages in your posts. This blog and the accompanying video message really hit me today. I intend to tell the people in my life who I feel have made even a small difference in me that I appreciate them and what they have done for me. The hard part will be doing this the 1st time. After I see their reaction, I am thinking the following times will come easier and easier.
    Thanks for posting; you have make a big difference in my life by opening my eyes to thoughtful, intellegent contemplation. 1 down, a bunch more to go…

    1. Embrace the process. They’re reaction doesn’t even matter.

      We are all waiting for someone to tell us we are making a difference.

      “Do only difference between those that do it and those that don’t, is that those that do it, do it.” -Dexter Godfrey

      Thank you for letting me know

  2. I appreciate the wisdom and honesty you have in your blog, even though I’m a “silent” reader. This TED talk hit home. I need to go spend some time recognizing some influential folks in my life.

  3. I actually think about your posts throughout the week and look forward to Friday mornings to see what new you have read. I like how they’re short and simple, yet deep and memorable. Keep it up Juan!

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