What If You Only Had 1 Minute to Manage Your Team?

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Believe or not, that’s the premise of an recently updated book by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson called The NEW One Minute Manager.

These days, everything moves so fast that we barely have time to rest. Wouldn’t you love to only have to spend one minute to manage your team and move on to something else? I WOULD!

Granted, the One Minute Manager system is not literally 60 seconds long, but it gives compelling arguments and applications to get really close to the one minute mark.

The system has three parts, each with a target of 60 seconds. Here are brief descriptions for context.

  • One minute goals
    • The top 20% goals are described in 1 or 2 paragraphs including deadlines.
    • So you can review it daily in 1 minute or less.
  • One minute praisings
    • Catch people doing the right thing, and praise immediately.
  • One minute redirects
    • Help recognize the inappropriate behavior and learn the correct one.
    • Remind them they are better than the mistake.

Today, I’ll expand on the one minute redirects with a quote from the book.

It is very important when you are leading people to remember that behavior and worth are not the same things. What is really worthwhile is the person who’s managing their own behavior. – Ken Blanchard

Let’s take it one sentence at a time.

Behavior and worth are not the same things. I know I fall on the trap of using people’s performance to judge their value as a person. For example, I may think someone is dumb because I keep having to repeat myself on the same issue. The same thing may happen when I notice someone committing the same mistake repeatedly. But I must ask myself “why don’t I judge myself the same way?” It seems like I generally give myself a pass.

Worthwhile is the person managing their behavior. This part is the golden nugget for me. To me, the key falls on the word “managing”. It’s a revelation that we, as causative beings, can improve who we are and what we do. The simple fact that we can create makes us more valuable than the mistake. The mistake is history; but we can create a better version of ourselves.

If you are interested in the book, check out Amazon.com. If you aren’t sure, check out the free chapter.

Let me know what you learned.


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  1. Love the golden nugget of impoving your own behavior. Taking responsiblity and creating what you want rather than settling for the status quo or someone else dream.

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