You Don’t Have To Be Strong Every Time

There are many leaders out there that live believing they have to appear in control at all times. This shows up in different ways:

  • Feeling the need to have an answer for everything.
  • Needing to be aware of everything that’s happening.
  • Fear of saying “I don’t know”
  • Refusing to ask for help.

It all comes down to vulnerability.

What saddens me is how alone these people may feel. In their quest for trying to become invulnerable they end up alienating themselves from everyone else.

Whether you are this person or you know someone in this situation, I’d like you to consider this: vulnerability and weakness are not the same thing.

Being vulnerable doesn’t make us weak, it makes us human. And humanness is what we all like to see in our leaders. We need to know they are like us, fears, strengths, weaknesses, and all.

Some people walk around pretending they’re invincible, forgetting that vulnerability is what makes them human. – Christine Zheng

These misguided leaders behave this way because they start believing vulnerability makes them weak leaders. What they fail to understand is that their quest to appear unbreakable becomes their downfall.


Because we can all see and experience each other’s weaknesses; and know when someone is attempting to ignore their pitfalls. As the “acting” continues, we lose trust in the leader, which in turn, creates a “weak leader” image.

Thus, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In attempting to hide weakness, the individual created what he feared most.

I’ll leave you with the words of wisdom Les Brown shared with Darren Hardy the founder of Success Magazine:

You can’t just talk to people’s heads or only appeal to their intelligence. You have to talk to their hearts. You can’t move people with logic. They cannot just hear you. They have to feel you. And they will only feel you if they know you.

Not your title or resume or track record of success, but your story, the whole story—the failures, shortcomings, fears and pitfalls—the whole truth of who you really are and how you got here. Both the triumphant and the terrible. This is what will make you real and make yourself available to be connected to.




2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Be Strong Every Time

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  1. Great share Juan. I appreaciate vulnerability in leadership giving you an insight that that do not wear an invincible cape. People want to feel part of a group so sharing fears and triumphs show people that they can do it too.

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