New Job? What Does Your Footprint Look Like?

Whether it is part of a rotation program, a better fit, better location, or greener grass someplace else, the questions that come to mind are “What is going to be missed?” and “What are they leaving behind?”

Maybe you are one of those that think “I can’t wait to leave this place.” Or maybe you are part of the group that says “I’m thankful for the opportunity, and I’m ready for something new.” Either way, the question still applies; what is your legacy?

Are People Relieved or Sad That We Are Leaving?

The answer to this question is a reflection our ability to add or subtract value. Some people are leaners; others, lifters.

Are We Leaving a Hole or An Opportunity?

Sometimes we focus so much on self-preservation that we forget to train someone on what we do; or don’t leave enough resources for someone else to learn how to do it.

Was It Our Best Work or A Fake It Till We Make It?

There are situations in which we are so disengaged that we only put the bare minimum. Sure, we have good intentions and get the work done but is it our best effort?

Here’s my leadership reflection

Regardless of the reason for our departure, our leadership success is measured by the grandeur of our significance.

  • How many lives did I impact?
  • How many improvements did I leave behind?
  • How close did I get to becoming dispensable by developing a successor?

In other words, at the end of my term, is the place and the people better or worse because of me?

We don’t get to call our move a success if we are the only ones winning.

One’s leadership legacy isn’t forged by having sharp elbows of ambition, but by offering caring hands to help lighten the load of others. When you do right by others, they’ll do right by you. – Bill Treasurer

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