To My Panamanian Eleven: Don’t Stop Dreaming, Don’t Give Up

If someone asked me if I am a patriot, I would not know how to answer. I never thought of it that way. What I can say is that I am Panamanian with its flaws and all. It is a way of life that does not go away, that’s not forgotten, that can’t be left behind.

While I can appreciate the “prof.”‘s feelings of wanting to leave the sport of soccer, I have to forbid it. Not because I have control over it but because it would let die the dream of an entire country and let the world’s corrupt win once again.

This is the first time in my short years of life I see a soccer team that believes in its potential. Demonstrating maturity and tenacity on the field. That doesn’t retreat. Trying and looking to leave everything on the field under one banner, one dream, and commitment to represent the character of what it is to be Panamanian.

Don’t give up. Don’t stay down.

The great are always up, or getting up. The world already has too many who surrender and let their dreams die.

This is the opportunity to show that our dream, our reason for being, is stronger and more powerful than the negativity that surrounds us.

At the end of the day, I believe in a Panama who works tirelessly to fulfill their dreams without worrying about what others think. I believe in a Panama who stands firm against all obstacles without compromising its values. I believe in a Panama never use professionalism and “juega vivo” to reach goals dishonestly.

Do not give up, because I will not stop believing in Panama and its pontencial to surprise the world.

Keep going.

In good times and bad, I will always say with pride that I am Panamanian.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

From the heart,

Juan R. Arroyo Yap




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