Job Cuts? Growth Solves All Problems

Growth solves all problems. – Mark Bertolini

This was Mark’s response to the possibility of job loss because of a company merger.

While I’m still digesting these words, allow me to share a few thoughts.

My first reaction to Mark’s statement was to assume company growth will create stability in my current job. On second thought, that’s not necessarily true.

With growth come new sets of challenges; and while some of it may result in having to work harder to accommodate for the increase in volume, that’s not the full picture.

Growth brings more opportunities
With the increase in customer base, the new population is not only going to have different needs but it will also reveal gaps in the operations of the company. These new needs and gaps create opportunities for someone to step up and problem solve. Will you be one of these people?

Growth requires different thinking
New problems require a new way of thinking. Since it is the first time the company deals problems created by having a bigger customer base, it’s unlikely the current problem solving mechanisms will work. Remember James Allen’s words, _””You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”_ The same words apply to a company. *Will you dare to think differently?*

Growth requires change
The first 2 points simply converge here. In order to get the company to grow, it requires us to think different thoughts, execute different strategies, and solve different problems. In other words, growth doesn’t just happen. The bottom line is we have to be willing to change in order to allow the new circumstances to happen. This may include being willing to take a totally different job within the company.

Yes, growth solves all problems but we better avoid assuming our current situation will be the same after it.




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