3 Ways Your Ego Is Destroying Collaboration

Sometimes the best way to get other people to give up their egos is for you to give up yours first. – Ken Blanchard

These days it is very common to find people putting personal success in front of the team or the organization’s success. In the middle of it, there’s ego.

Here are three (3) questions to help us determine if our ego is getting in the way of collaboration.

1. Are all the brains in your office or are there other wise people around you?

One of the behaviors that lead to my demise as a leader was trying to win all the time. My intentions were to help everyone by forcing my solutions onto others’ and the department’s problems. The more I tried to win, the more I alienated the team. What’s wrong with this picture?

I truly believed I had the solution for everything.

In what ways are you taking a similar attitude towards your work and others?

Believing that we have the best answer or that our team works better than others can become an excuse for everyone else to act similarly.

2. Have you taken the time to get everyone aligned towards a vision?

In an environment where collaboration is absent, we are probably complaining about everyone worrying about their own interest. But, can we blame them if no one has taken the time to propose an unifying vision?

If people don’t know where they are expected to go, what incentive do they have to work towards the same goal or collaborate with other teams?

If we have taken the approach of worrying about our individual performance and our team’s results, aren’t we enabling a silo mentality in exchange for personal success?

3. How much information are you keeping to yourself?

Another thing we like to do for personal gain is to protect ourselves by becoming the only subject matter expert, or by retain information that may give others an advantage. An example of this behavior is creating a solution to a problem affecting the department but only using it to help our team instead of sharing it with everyone.

Keeping information is another way for our ego to get in the way.


How are you playing a part in preventing collaboration?

For more information on this topic, checkout the new book by Ken Blanchard Collaboration Begins With You

alt text



What is your experience with this concept?

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