4 Steps To Begin A Life That Matters

I have been part of this incredible #IntentionalLiving experiment with some very interesting results.

I’d like to share with you four(4) lessons this experience has taught me up until now.

No. 1 – Decide For Yourself Why You Matter
Let me ask you something “Who or what determines your value?” I have spent too many years letting the perception, values, and believes of others dictate my reason for existence and the actions needed to be followed in order to be significant. These directives then fuel questions like “Will I belong?” or “Will they like me?”

Who said that others know what we feel, think, and like? Who determines that in order to matter we must be liked or accepted by everyone?

While it is good to get other people’s perspectives, it is important for each of us to decide for ourselves what value we are going to bring to the world.

In the last 21 days I have found I matter because there are 1 or 2 things that I do significantly better than 90% of the people I interact with daily. I’m average at everything else, but in these 1-2, I’m at the top.

Which ones are yours? What do you bring to the table that no one else does? I encourage you to discover these traits and use them to guide your quest to becoming significant.

No.2 – Belief In Yourself

You win in the mind first and then you win on the field or court. Often the difference between success and failure is belief. – Jon Gordon

In the journey to significance, deciding we matter is not enough; we must also believe in our cause.

I have learned during the experiment that when belief is lacking, others notice. When they notice, they also don’t belief.

It is the belief in ourselves that allows us to invest the time, energy, and resources on pursuing our purpose.

No. 3 – Take Your Gremlins To Court
I have touched on this subject before. Our fears are one of the reasons preventing us from believing in ourselves.

I got this phrase from one of my mentors, Ed DeCosta and it works the way it sounds.

  • What reasons do you have to not follow your dreams?
  • What makes you think you aren’t good enough?
  • What evidence do you have to validate you are insignificant?
  • Now take all those reasons and put them to court. Be honest, would they stand the attack of the prosecutor on a trial? I bet they won’t.

In the last 21 days, I have discovered all the reasons I had to hold back were driven by evidence that happened once. Since when is one (1) a significant sample?

No. 4 – Let The World Know
The last 3 weeks I have intentionally shared my vision and my purpose statement in different ways. My significance statement is simple: I help people become the best version of themselves.

Interestingly enough, since I started sharing, I have had a handful of people reach out to me for guidance. I can only imagine how many more people I would have helped if I started earlier.

This reminds me of the “Field of Dreams” movie: if you build it, they will come.


The summary. Once we define what makes us matter and start believing in it, our energy will automatically attract others that will help us achieve our purpose.

If you’d like to be part of the same experiment I’m in, check it out here.




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