3 Years of Growth: Have I Really Changed?;

Today, I share with you a before and after picture since I started growing intentionally.

The Before (written December 28th, 2012)

It’s been a complicated year for the organization and personally. The more I have spent time with the 15 Laws of Growth the more I have to realized how much time I have wasted on things that don’t really take me to my potential.

Today I was told I’m acting apathetic. So true. While it is difficult to accept, the fact still stands that while I have been doing important things, I have not lived up to my potential, my passion, and my strengths. Who’s fault is that? Mine. After all, I’m the one that decides what goes on my performance assessment. So, in the spirit of “new year resolutions” here are my lessons of 2012.

    1. My passion is developing people: my energy levels triple every time I get the chance to teach, train, and mentor someone.
      • Important to note that this has no relation to actuarial art.
    2.  I’m good at connecting with others (when I want to). My potential is to be great at this skill. I will work on creating a system to make this “connecting” skill a daily habit for every interaction whether I want to or not.
    3. I have neglected The Law of Modeling – It’s hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to follow. 2012 was one of the loneliest years for me. I felt like I didn’t have anyone to go for counsel.
      • I must make an effort to find other thinkers, communicators, and mentors. Connect and learn from them.
    4. I’m a doer and problem solver by habit but an idea generator by nature.
      • While I have done pretty well at problem solving, my passion comes through when I get a chance to see the whole process and suggest a simpler way to do it.
      • In a way, while I may not be right most of the time, I enjoy challenging the status quo. There’s always a simpler way to do it (80/20 principle).
      • I will work on making it a habit to schedule “thinking time” for myself.
    5. Honesty is my greatest value and my biggest weakness.
      • My mouth gets me in trouble. I say what I think straight up, no sugar coating, no political correctness.
      • 2012 definitely taught me the world doesn’t function that way, and I need to learn how to honor my honesty while respecting other’s emotions, values, and principles.


The After (Up Until Now)

First, my passion statement carries more intention and purpose. Today, I intentionally look for individuals that are looking for ways to get unstuck. I’m looking for ways to help people become the best version on themselves.

Second, I’ve gotten better at connecting with others. While I’m still picky at times, I now have a set of questions I use to prompt people to share what they like, dislikes, their struggles, and passions. I have found a way to walk slowly through the crowd.

Third, I joined the John Maxwell Team and I’m also a mentor. I have access to a team of mentors and a family of coaches to which I can go with any personal development question I may have. It is very helpful to bounce ideas off people that have traveled the path before me.

Fourth, I’m relentless at pioneering simplicity. I have become the voice of reason. I now look for ways to help people solve their problems and, at the same time, simplify and rethink their ways.

And fifth, honesty is still my greatest strength and biggest weakness. I have gotten better with words and tones, but the fact is that I’m still struggling with it. I may not be saying it, but my body language and expressions say it all.

More than skill, I believe my growth in the last three years has come from being more intentional in what I do, and thinking others first.


If you were to paint your before and after, what would the picture look like?




2 thoughts on “3 Years of Growth: Have I Really Changed?;

Add yours

  1. I really appreciate your post. Your focus on then intentional efforts you are taking to reflect and develop yourself is refreshing! Like any journey for improvement (diet, exercise, leadership, etc.) we have to recognize the gap and make conscious and repeated efforts to do things different in order to achieve a new and better outcome.

    1. Thank you for your readership.

      It’s an uphill battle. One that some people around me think it to be a waste of time. Yet, you and I know better.

      Let me know how else I can serve you.

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