Leaving Something vs. Going To Something

There are many reasons for us to consider changing jobs or company.

  • I feel stuck in my role.
  • I’m not being challenged enough.
  • My manager doesn’t seem to value my ideas.
  • My company is merging with another.
  • There’s a change in leadership team.
  • I can make more money someplace else.

And the list goes on.

Regardless of the reason, before moving on, we must ask ourselves: Are we LEAVING something or are we GOING to something?

I believe there is a clear distinction between the two.

  • To leave something is reactive.
    • It implies our decision is to move away from an inconvenient situation.
    • We may be getting away but are we really going to something better?
  • Going to something implies thoughtful action.
    • It implies we have an idea of our destination.
    • We determined that the new job is helping us get better and increase our chances to reach our dreams.

Leaving vs. Going is:

  • Avoid losing vs. focusing on doing our best to win.
  • Increasing the gap between us and the car in the rear view mirror vs. tracking how much closer we are to our destination.
  • Leaving a low paying job vs. enjoying a fulfilling role.
  • Grass greener on the other side vs. do I even want that type of grass?

My point is simple: when evaluating the choice of voluntarily taking a new job, we shouldn’t be doing a pros & cons analysis, we should be asking “Is the new job going to get me closer to the achievement of my dreams?”

We always find good and bad reasons for doing something, but only intentional living takes us where we want to go.Tweet:We always find good and bad reasons for doing something, but only #IntentionalLiving takes us where we want to go. @CrazyPanamanian

What techniques have you used to decide if the new job is the right fit?



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