Step 2 of Getting Unstuck: You Are Stuck Only If You Know Where You Are Going?

To follow up on my prior post. Here’s what I consider the key step of getting unstuck: destination.

You may remember I used the phrase “I don’t have any future here”. The fact is that I used that phrase but I had no idea what type of future I wanted. More importantly, I didn’t know which future I was meant to live.

Please take a moment and consider the implications of these insight: How can I be stuck if I don’t even know where am going?

Where are you stuck right now? Are you really missing out?

I have two (2) suggestion for you based on my learning experience.

  1. At first, our gut knows we are stuck because there’s a part of us that knows how “unstuck” looks and feels.
  2. It’s our responsibility to discover what our gut already knows and act on it.

Maybe I was right about being stuck, but I had no business crying and believing I had no future in my department because I wasn’t aware of my destination.

No destination equals:

  • No decision to make.
  • Nowhere to go
  • Nothing that needs to get done.

Hence, instead of worrying about how stuck you are, take some time to define exactly where you want to go and start thinking about ways to pursue it.



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