Clean The Toilet With People’s Opinion Of You

This is a quick rant with a little bit of reflection.

I’m all for asking others for feedback and opinions of what works well for us and what works poorly with the intent of finding places to maximize our impact on the world.

Where it gets tricky for me is when I start believing what other’s perceive me to be. In others words, I start using my reputation to determine my worth.

What you say to yourself matters; what others say, use it to clean the floor.

Here’s what I mean.

Even when others are saying something to you, what really counts is what you say to yourself AFTER you hear the other person’s words.

The power of any kind of feedback is what our internal voice does with it.

When it comes down to it, the person with the most impact in my life is me! Whatever I say to myself has been a lot worse than anyone has said to me.

I have come to understand that our subconscious brain has no means to reject ideas. Hence, anything I think about myself or say to myself will be automatically accepted. And unless I purposely look for the veracity of the statement, I will unconsciously find ways to make it a reality.

Take some time today, and reflect what results are you getting today as a direct result of what you have been saying to yourself for the last few years.

The thoughts we hold in our head set the direction of our life and our leadership of men and women. – Napoleon Hill




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