Goodbye Warm Up Year 2015

2015 is gone and a lot of lessons knocked on my door.

I started 2015 strong and ended overly committed, burned out, and distracted.

Notwithstanding, I consider 2015 a warm up year. A year of discover of purpose, dreams, and passions. And like every child, I paid attention to everything and accomplished little.

Here are 7 lessons from 2015.

No.1 – Many good ideas aren’t better than 1 great idea.

I had several good ideas throughout the year. I thought I could do them all. I was wrong. Here’s a sample:

  • Have a circuit of mastermind groups running throughout the year on a quarterly rotation.
  • Develop 2 simulation exercises for job specific tasks.
  • Read 1 book a month.
  • Process 1 leadership lesson a week.
  • Finish the 15+ hours of coaching and speaking curriculum and start finding clients.
  • Blog twice a week.
  • Read and file quotes and content daily.

And the list goes on.

These were all good ideas but in the end, I ended up making progress on few of them because I was trying to do too much at once. As Jim Collins would say good is the enemy of great.

A great idea delivered is worth much more and than a many good projects partially completed.

No.2 – Recognize the power of the people you hangout with

After becoming a John Maxwell Certified coach speaker and trainer, I started noticing a difference in my mindset. Especially in the way people responded to the same idea expressed the same way. The John Maxwell Team members focused on opportunity; many of my coworkers, focused on what could go wrong.

The power is not in the realization of the opposites but in how my behavior changed throughout the year.

  • I chose to spend more time with the encouragers.
  • I moved away from negative influences.
  • I started seeing opportunity instead of barriers.
  • I started focusing on solutions rather than problems.
  • I invested more time and money on mind building resources.

In return, I gained higher levels of awareness about my strengths, weaknesses, and habits. But most important of all, I started attracting a different type of individual.

Individuals focused on growth and constant learning. People thinking about possibilities and finding their way.

Soon enough, an abundance mindset is all I had; it’s all that I needed.

No.3 – When you know what you want; money is no object

An example of this could be the iPhone. There are some people out there that find ways to get the latest iPhone on release date even though they have no money to pay for rent.

In your life right now, what creates this type of behavior?

I don’t have a money tree in my backyard. But I have thousands to invest in myself. Not because I am rich but because I understand that I can’t give what I don’t have.

I now know what I want. I know the value it would bring to others. And I’m willing to pay the price to make it happen.

No.4 – What gets your time, grows.

I have 2 examples for this one.

Addicted to distractions. Some refer to this as the shiny object syndrome. It starts with a “let me do this quick” and it ends with “I can’t leave without my phone or checking e-mail.” It got to the point where I couldn’t focus on 1 thing for more than 5 minutes.

An Active leadership symposium. This is a personal growth discussion group that started with a handful of individuals and ended with 20-30+ regular participants. A results of actively taking time to market sessions, share discussion topics, regular reminders, and building a network.

They aren’t perfect examples but they represent the concept that whatever we invest time and energy in, grows.

No.5 – Intention is less valuable than action

We all know this one, so I won’t spend much time with it. I intended to implement many good ideas but I ended up with a few mediocre ones. Meaning to do something, is no guarantee to getting it done.

No.6 – My voice is not for everyone to listen

I encountered many naysayers along the way.

  • Too many e-mails.
  • Message is too long.
  • Too direct with your words.
  • You think you know it all.

At the same time, I heard from many more people that gained something from what I said. Same message, same words, different outcomes.

The lesson is simple: While I may think that everyone needs to listen to my message, I know in my heart it’s meant to reach a specific audience.

Some people call this “the niche”. I’m trying to discover it, and build on it.

No.7 – Nothing comes until it is claimed

I don’t it was coincidence that 7 people reached out to me in less than 10 days for help on a specific personal growth problem. This was an outcome generated by the accumulation of 8 months of messaging across different platforms and methods.

I had to clearly define and state a vision of who I wanted to serve and what I wanted to do. I needed a clear picture of the outcome. Then and only then, can the universe know what to send my way.

In simple words, we have to hit submit order, before it reaches our doorstep.


What are you lessons from 2015? What are you doing differently for 2016?



6 thoughts on “Goodbye Warm Up Year 2015

Add yours

  1. Love all of it but specially No.2 – Recognize the power of the people you hangout with
    Especially in our given environment, it is even more critical to stay away from naysayers, negative people, or those that add no-value.

    1. Tania, sometimes it’s even the people we spend time with that simply stay with the same mindset. If I hangout with 7s, it will be very challenging to become and 8, don’t even think about 9.

      Their worlds are very different. Granted, I’m not saying get rid of them, am simply saying we have to keep upgrading our inner circle

  2. I wish I could “Like” this entry twice. Great insights Juan! I may have to do something similar to this for my next entry, though I’m not quite sure I will be as insightful as these 7 thoughts were.

    1. It’s all about practice. I spend several days thinking about it. Something to try is to draw a timeline and write down specific events, emotions, milestones. It can help you remember.

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