All Politicians Are Liars. Sure?


  • Is pain good or bad?
  • Is the white person running with a purse a thief?
  • Are dogs evil? What about clowns?

We walk through life looking through our eyes, not with them. We see the world based on who we are. Who we are is driven by our beliefs. We hold these beliefs as true. But are they?

In his book, The 3 Gaps, Hyrum W. Smith, discusses 3 areas of our life in which we may have discrepancies preventing us from delivering the best of ourselves.

  • The Beliefs Gap: the difference between what we believe to be true and what is actually true.
  • The Values Gap: the difference between what we value most and what we actually do.
  • The Time Gap: the difference between what we want to do with our time and how we spend it.

Today is about beliefs.

Whether your beliefs are backed by strong scientific evidence, grow out of your values, or are completely subjective doesn’t change the fact that because we believe them to be true, we will act as if they are true. – Hyrum W. Smith

I used to believe that all homeless people were lazy and enjoyed taking advantage of people begging for free money. Hence, I chose to not give any cash when asked, even if I do.

Pay attention to this because I consider myself an honest person and this belief pretty much “makes” me a liar. In addition, think about how this belief affects the attitude I may have when I encounter any homeless person.

While I still don’t give cash and look for ways to avoid the beggars (so that I don’t have to deal with them), I now understand and believe that not all homeless people are lazy beggars. I now understand that those begging for money are a minority.

No, I’m not a saint. I still pass judgment. But the change in belief has affected the way in which I act in this situation.

The book covers a lot more on this subject, and I can fully recommend it. I plan to spend some time dioing the exercises in the book to help me identify erroneous beliefs.

What beliefs are causing you pain? What’s on your window that may be affecting your health?




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