To Change The World, I’m Changing Myself


While many around the world spent their week whining about their tough meat, rush hour, the latest episodes of their favorite TV Show, and their horrible job, I spent a week adding value to the people of the happiest place on Earth.

As I think about the experience I just had with the Transformación Paraguay movement there are a few ideas that come to mind.

I’m hungry for significance
I did nothing special. I just shared my story within a 5 step process someone else taught me. But, I can’t ignore the feeling I got from seeing the change in the eyes of those I served.

There’s something very powerful about “feeling” someone else’s change in energy. There’s something magical about being a tool that allowed someone else to the see the realm of possibilities within.

Money can’t buy it. Possessions can’t fill it. Words can’t explain it.

No physical object can compare to the feeling produced by knowing I impacted someone’s life.

Significance has no age requirement
This week week I had the opportunity to see dozens of teenagers take charge in transforming their country. From preparing materials to being translators during the training sessions. These young adults traded school time for a chance to do something bigger than themselves.

No complaints. No excuses. Just the will to serve.

I gave time, money, and talent for an opportunity to change lives.
I’m not able to see the future to know if the investment was worth it. I’m betting on an opportunity that is going to take years to develop.

Years ago, I would have thought it to be a dumb idea.

Today, I only needed to see the face of those welcoming us to their country to realize that, by just being present, something was changing.

I gave up the need to know how in order to experience an opportunity of a lifetime
I gave it all I had to receive the best gift of all: the love and gratitude from those I served.

I am no longer the man I was 18 months ago. My biggest lesson from this trip was realizing how much I have grown since I joined the John Maxwell Team. Throughout the entire trip, I remained calm and positive. Even though the only thing I knew for certain was:

I’ll be going to some place, at some time, to meet someone, and train some people I didn’t know.

I left the country with a handful of friends and good stories to tell.

Significance begins in me.


What immediate action can you take this week, to begin your transformation?




5 thoughts on “To Change The World, I’m Changing Myself

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  1. Congratulations Juan. The meeting this morning showed of the legacy you are leaving, engaging others to become their best. Keep up the great work and make it a Super+Fantastic day!

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