Surrender To Your Dream

I don’t know where you find yourself today but there’s something I need to tell you. Surrender.

  • Surrender to the image your heart shows you while you are in between sleep and awake.
  • Surrender to the tug you feel when you are in the silence of the night.
  • Surrender to what calls you during your quietest moments.

If you ever slow down enough to figure out why life seems like chaos, why you keep pushing through but going nowhere, and why you keep feeling unfulfilled, just surrender to your dream.

This dream is coming from your ideal self. It’s coming from a different place; your future. You aren’t ready. You aren’t supposed to be. You aren’t supposed to have the money, the resources, or the know-how.

If you are expecting it to fit with your lifestyle right now, I’m sorry to tell you, it’s not happening.

So, surrender.

Once you have waved the white flag, you’ll notice that time stops. You’ll notice it all makes sense. And immediately, you’ll know the next step.

Right now, you feel that something is missing. That’s your dream sending you a message. You know this to be true. You know it in your gut. So why are you holding back?

That’s my story.

Eighteen months ago, I felt stuck. I felt out of place. I was wondering what’s next. I wanted to make a difference. I worked hard at showing my wisdom. I worked hard at telling people how smart I was by fixing all their problems with my opinion. I worked hard at showing others, I needed no help.

It got me nothing.

Thus, I gave up. I raised the flag, and let the universe take hold.

I asked myself: What did I want? What did I really, really want? Like magic, it came: I wanted to make a difference by helping people become the best version of themselves.

I needed help. Help I wasn’t going to get at work or from friends. Thus, I got the idea to reconsider joining the John Maxwell Team.

What followed was a series of decisions that brings me to you and this message.

I went from no followers, to leading a weekly discussion group of 20+ individuals, to training dozens of people, to mentoring a handful of people, and finally, to an international trip to help change a nation.

This is what happened when I surrendered to my dream. I want the same for you.





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