Wrong Answer: I need more time, we need to push back the deadline

Regardless of however many valid reasons we may have to say it, I’m certain the answer is not “push the deadline.”

Maybe the deadline was wrong in the first place. Maybe it was bad planning on my part. Maybe I just tried to do too much in the amount of time possible. Who knows, I still don’t think the answer is move the deadline. If it really is important why should I be allowed to push the deadline?

  • What’s creating the fear to give up something?
  • What makes me BELIEVE I have no other choice?
  • What compels me to think that MORE TIME is the solution to all my problems?

Haven’t I learned the lesson that whenever I open up a time slot it miraculously gets filled with something new and unplanned?

Behold! The project management triangle.

TIME is just 1 variable! We have 3 more.

My proposal: What are you willing to give up?

  • What other project are you willing to stop doing in exchange for the new one?
  • Which team member are you going to give me to finish the additional work?
  • How much more money are you willing to pay me for the extra hours?
  • What happens to the company if I don’t deliver?

I know, I know…”But Juan, you don’t understand…”

Yes, I do understand. It’s really this simple: time is not the only variable, there’s always another choice, and every choice carries a price.

What I’m learning these days is that time can’t be managed, created, or saved. Time does its thing whether I want it to or not.

The tough challenge I’m facing these days is conquering the fear of feeling like a failure because I had to “give up” something in order to get something done.

Last time I checked, customers don’t enjoy enjoy continuous delays on a product they want. Sometimes it’s better to deliver something of decent quality on time, than delivering a masterpiece late.

Don’t forget, under promise and over deliver.




What is your experience with this concept?

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