Is The Ball Rolling Forward Or Just Spinning?

After 1 year of becoming a John Maxwell certified coach, speaker, and trainer, my fears have been evolving.

  • I don’t fear change. Change is a requirement for growth.
  • I don’t worry about not knowing what to do in order to get to the goal. I know I can figure it out.
  • I now know I don’t have to be the smartest person in the room. I can connect with someone that has the answer.
  • I don’t worry about losing my job. Money can be made; dreams die quickly if not acted upon.
  • I don’t worry about “what would they say?”. My voice is not for everyone but someone out there is waiting to hear my story.

You want to know what I fear the most right now?


These days, I spend way too much energy wondering if what I’m doing is making a difference. It’s the fear of not knowing if I’m doing the right thing expressed a different way.

I struggle with balancing the need to be significant and the patience to let the universe catch up.

This is very similar to growing grass. Seed is sown, then watered for 7 to 14 days, and out of nowhere, they start sprouting.

What makes it possible for us to keep watering the seeds?

We may say it’s because we know things are happening in the ground that aren’t visible to us but we know they are happening. In other words, we have a higher level of awareness.

But you see, this is the first time I’m living my dream and, since it’s mine, there’s no one else that can give me a higher level of awareness. I don’t have the magic ball to tell me the future. I don’t have omnipresence to know everything that’s happening in the ground. It all comes down to one thing, belief.

Believing and surrendering to Henry Davis Thoreau’s words:


It’s funny how I consider myself a person of faith, and yet, it’s a challenge for me to trust that the ball is moving forward even though my eyes can’t see it.

Today, what are you biggest fears?




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