How Many Ways Can You Climb The Ladder Of Success?

This week I saw many signs about moving up the business ladder so I figured “why not try to share my thoughts on the matter?”

Here are a few questions I saw or heard:

  • I got X degree, how can I move up to the next level?
  • I have been in the company for 2 years now, when do I get my chance?
  • How can I move up quickly?
  • How can I get a leadership role faster?

When I “Googled” the words “move up the corporate ladder”, I got 83,800 articles.

All good information so I don’t need to cover what already exist. What I’d like to do is tackle the mindset around the ladder.

Below are my thoughts on the matter.

Show me you can do it. This is my summary statement from the dozens of articles I have read on the matter and what others have told me. If I want to move up I need to be able to show I am willing to pay the price the position requires.

If I want to be a vice-president, I better start showing people that I can think and do like a vice-president.

It’s that simple. But now, to the matters of the mind.

Who are you and who do you want to be? You might be wondering, what does this have to do with the ladder of success? It has everything to do with it.

  • If I don’t know who I am and who I want to be, how do I know going up the ladder is what I need?
  • How would I know the position is a fit if I don’t know what I value, stand for, my strengths, and purpose?

Recognize the huge difference in the question. Is not WHAT you want to be, but WHO. It’s not what others want you to be, but you.

How certain are you that it is the right ladder? Sometimes we are so focused on getting to the next level that we forget to check if we are climbing the right ladder or if the ladder is leaning against the right wall.

How much do you trust yourself to take the necessary steps? Sometimes taking it to the next level requires us to climb a different ladder altogether. Other times, we realize the higher rung was impacted by inflation and requires a larger investment.

What makes you think the climb goes single increments and you need to start at the bottom? There is a misconception that we have to just look at the next level up. After all, you can climb a ladder 2 rungs at a time; or you can jump and start climbing from the middle of the ladder.

  • What makes you think you don’t have the ability to handle the job 2 levels above your current role?
  • If you know what’s expected of you, why should it take 1 or 2 years for learning them? Why can’t you learn them in 6 months?
  • What stops you from applying to the director role? Don’t you know directors that don’t know what they are doing?

Let’s bring it home.





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