How Much Of Your Success Is Due To What You Know?

I attended a forum in which a panel of successful young professionals were asked the question: how much of your success is due to what you know?

It got me thinking.

When I reflect on what I have accomplished so far, I’m tempted to say that zero percent (0%) of my success is due to what I know.


The answer is simple.

It is not knowledge that makes things happen; it’s action.

Yes, I had to work hard and study but, ultimately, knowing is not the same as doing.

In the words of Les Brown: If all it took was information, everyone would be skinny, rich, and happy!

Thus, you may be wondering what do I think has contributed to my success?

10 Thoughts About What Contributed To My Success

  1. Willingness to do something until I do it right.
  2. Courage to find my voice and stay true to it.
  3. Commitment to present my opinion even when I’m the only one going against the grain.
  4. Being willing to face mistakes and learn from them.
  5. Humility to ask and welcome help.
  6. Acceptance that I don’t have all the answers.
  7. Persistence to keep on becoming to be better.
  8. Awareness to trust my instincts.
  9. Support from key individuals along the way.
  10. Wisdom to distinguish what I can and can’t control.

How much of your success do you think comes from what you know?



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