3 Ideas To Beat The “SOMEDAY” Disease

“SOMEDAY” doesn’t exist. It’s yesterday, today, or tomorrow.

I use it and I bet you do too. Someday I will…

  • Have six-pack abs
  • Travel the world
  • Tell her how much I appreciate what she does
  • Have time for that project I’d love to do
  • Find my ideal job
  • Follow my passion

“Someday” was a clever excuse I used to make myself feel better about moving forward without actually taking action.

I still struggle with it.

If you are prone to use this phrase STOP!!! You know better.


This is very simple…

  1. I either say I’m not doing it because it’s not in alignment with what I want to achieve right now. Or,
  2. I commit and put it on the schedule to get it done.

“Someday” is the day you realize you wasted your life working for someone else’s dream.

“Someday” is proof that I have allowed fear to conquer me.

How to beat the “Someday” Disease?

1 – Get very clear on what you want.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what I do or don’t do until I have clarity about who I want to become, what I want to accomplish, and how I want to change the world. Without clarity of vision and purpose there’s no point in activity.

Don’t mistake activity for achievement. – John Wooden

I spent many years frustrated with life because I was doing a lot of work and getting nowhere. All of it while telling myself: “work hard because SOMEDAY you’ll make a difference.”

What a bunch of (insert expletive here)!

Without a clear goal there’s no simple way to decide what to do.

2 – You gotta jump!

I’m still trying to figure out what happened to my childish behavior of relentless trial and error.

My mom tells me I used to throw anything up in the air just to see what happened to it. One day, I threw a brick in the air and fell on my head. Guess what I did after I finished crying? I went back to throw stuff in the air!

I grew up with teachers, parents, and friends telling me I had to have a plan before trying anything. I needed to be sure it was going to work. I can’t recall any of my successes going according to plan. None!

A dream is not a dream if I already know how to do it. A dream is always on the way down the cliff. It requires a jump. It requires figuring it out on the go.

Now, let me be clear. I need a solid answer to #1. I don’t need to know how to do it but I do need to know what I want.

3 – Set a date but don’t judge yourself when you miss it

You read that right! You will miss. When I think about all the deadlines at work, I have never hit the original deadline. It’s always early or late.

The purpose of the date is to create a sense of urgency and get us focused on the goal. Our dreams are so personal that there’s no real way to know the time they will be accomplished; we just know, they will.


I hope this was helpful. I look forward to hear from you.




What is your experience with this concept?

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