One Thing I’m Grateful For

It’s been an interesting year for everyone. All kinds of unexpected events happening; and yet, we are all still here.

The fact that you are reading this is an example of the many things to be thankful for.

There’s probably no need for a reminder but here it goes anyway.

  • Access to the Internet connecting you to the world.
  • A job or parents that support your expenses.
  • A home to rest in.
  • Family, friends, etc.

These are all cliché, and yet, there are many in the world that don’t have any of it.

Be thankful. Life is not that bad for you right now.

The challenge: take a moment to be grateful for your future.

  • The fun times you’ll have with family and friends.
  • The bed you are going to be sleeping in.
  • The knowing that you’ll have a home tomorrow.
  • The paycheck that’s coming your way.
  • The dream that’s working its way to you.

I find it interesting that we believe in self-fulfilling prophecies, the law of attraction, the power of imagination, and our nature as creative beings; and yet, we spend all of our time fixated in the past. Shouldn’t we be using those powers to create our future?

Be thankful for what what you have; be grateful, for what’s coming.

When I think about my trip to Paraguay and my highlights for 2016, I come to realize that those were moments I envisioned months before they were even close to happening.

What I’m grateful for is the awareness to recognize that by imagining a better future, I start the process of making it a reality.

I hope you take a few minutes today to allow your instinct and imagination to start building your better future. It may feel silly at first but I have seen the evidence that it works.



What are you grateful for?




What is your experience with this concept?

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