5 Beliefs That Keep Us Searching For Happiness

I recently finished reading a book by John Izzo called “The Five Thieves of Happiness and found it very relevant in my life. As a way to challenge myself to process the book, I’ll be writing about each of the thieves for the next 5 weeks.

What are the 5 thieves?

  1. Control
  2. Conceit
  3. Coveting
  4. Consumption
  5. Comfort

I’ll share my experience with each of the thieves in their respective post. Today, I share my biggest lesson from the 130 page book.


What do I mean by “already within us”?

When I think about the 5 thieves and my darkest moments, I see the clear connection: it’s all about looking out the window

The thieves represent a prisoner that longs to have a window in his cell, hoping the view will bring the peace he used to have when he was free. Except, the view doesn’t satisfy.

Why? Because the view only makes him long for more.

For 30 years I chased happiness in degrees, championships, friends, work, video games, making a difference, changing people’s lives, and many other things. But I never found it. Yes, I had happy moments but I was never really at peace.

It all felt outside of my control. I was a victim instead of a creator.

It wasn’t until I became aware of my ability to control what I gave energy to that I started walking towards peace.

  • I identified my passions.
  • I chose who’s opinions should count.
  • I invested in my talents.
  • I decided to walk in alignment to what I value.

That was 2 years ago.

But I didn’t realize something had truly changed in me until a few months ago when my aunt and uncle said the same thing in 2 separate and independent instances: You look well. I can see you are at peace.

What made this existential state possible was recognizing the only thing I can control in my life is what and how I choose to think about everything.

Everything I need for fulfillment is already within me because my thoughts drive how I do and experience everything.


What challenges do you have when it comes to understanding the power your thinking has over your life?




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